Training Company CRM

Collect and use data to strengthen customer relationships and increase course bookings

Coursedate simplifies customer relationship management. You can respond more quickly to enquiries, analyse learner preferences and develop more effective marketing campaigns.

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Streamline Training Company CRM

Use the data you collect data about course views, learner enrolments, enquiries and course attendance to understand course popularity and learner preferences.

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Promote Courses Online

  • Create an SEO and mobile friendly course directory.
  • Schedule courses to appear, hide when past the start date and fast copy to make new instances.
  • Capture more leads by intergrating your course directory with your training company website.

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Course Bookings

  • Clients can book individual learners and multiple delegates onto your courses.
  • Learners can also self-book onto courses from a phone, tablet or computer.
  • Search bookings by learner or client organisation - easily spot opportunities to promote new courses to existing clients.

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Simple Learner Management

  • Collect structured, accurate data about learners, bookings, enquiries and the courses they attend.
  • Easily view learner course history - see when compliance type courses are up for renewal.
  • Find the information you need so you can respond quickly to enquiries from client organisations and delegates.

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Effective Training Company CRM

  • Over time you build a database of leads and relationships that can be used to inform marketing campaigns.
  • Use your data to identify new market niches and course opportunities. Data can be downloaded for offline analysis.
  • Find insights about client preferences and use them to deliver more effective customer relationship management.

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Secure & scalable training company CRM software

Automatic data backups, super responsive performance and great customer support.

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Trusted by course providers

Coursedate is used by language colleges, training companies, charities, CPD providers and academy trusts.

Schools and MATs

  • Promote CPD courses to your own teaching staff and colleagues in other schools.
  • Find insights in the data you collect and develop more effective, focused marketing campaigns.
  • Teachers can use Coursedate's CPD timeline to set CPD goals, record feedback and reflect on their CPD journey

Language Schools

  • Create attractive course overview pages to promote language classes.
  • Reach a wider audience with Coursedate's social media friendly course pages.
  • Use data to create email marketing campaigns and increase course bookings.


  • Coursedate is a low cost alternative to platforms like Eventbrite.
  • Build a course directory that can be integarted with your charity website.
  • Run courses for internal staff, colleagues in partner organisations and the public.

University Short Courses

  • Coursedate can be used to promote university short courses and commercial professional development courses.
  • Courses can easily be set up at university department level.
  • Simple admin features save time in busy university departments.

Training Companies

  • Integrate your course directory with you training company website.
  • Clients can book individual learners or multiple delegates on a single booking.
  • Data can be filtered and downloaded and then used to drive email marketing campaigns.

Public Sector

  • Manage course bookings on internal staff training.
  • Create external-facing course directories for community learning and other courses.
  • With Coursedate's analytics you can identify interest in a topic that may be a gap in your course offer.
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How training companies can use Coursedate to improve customer relationship management

Coursedate is a great CRM solution for any training or course provider that wants to use the data it collects to improve the way it engages with client organisations and learners.

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Training company and course provider CRM with Coursedate

The data you collect with Coursedate becomes a searchable database of accurate information about the people (and organisations) who make enquiries about your courses and/or book onto your courses.

With a little effort you can then use this data to...


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