Increase course bookings and streamline course admin

Use Coursedate to promote courses, enrol new learners and simplify back office admin.

Setup is quick - it only takes a few minutes to publish a course and open it for bookings.

Online Course Directory

  • Showcase your courses on the web.
  • Free text searching and your custom categories make searching for courses easy.
  • Responsive web design so your courses look great on all devices.
  • ‘Sticky’ course overview pages include recommended alternative courses and what’s currently popular.

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Course Authoring and Scheduling

  • Create attractive course overview pages.
  • Schedule when courses appear in the directory.
  • Auto hide courses that are full.
  • Fast copy courses to create new course dates.

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Course Bookings & Enquiries

  • Learners can self-book online - the process is quick.
  • Enquiries also captured online. All your data is in one place.
  • Course admin dashboard gives you an overview of the latest activity.
  • No more management by spreadsheets. Course admins see a joined-up view of learners, enquiries and bookings.

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Learner & Delegate Management

  • See new enrolments at a glance.
  • Search for learners and enquiries - get a holistic view of your learners and their interests.
  • Manually book learners on new courses if they prefer not to self-book.
  • Coursedate becomes your training company/course provider CRM system.

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Training Provider CRM

  • Collect data about learners, bookings, enquiries and the courses they attend.
  • Build a database of leads and relationships that can be used to inform marketing campaigns.
  • Take advantage of Coursedate's structured database - identify market niches and create focused email campaigns.
  • Download data for offline analysis with tools like Microsoft Power BI.

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Charts & Analytics

  • Spot trends, see which courses get the most views in the directory.
  • Find out which courses get most views that don’t convert into bookings.
  • Identify search terms that indicate interest in a topic, but possible gaps in your course offer.
  • Google Analytics integration - enables in-depth analysis of visits to your course catalog.

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How to publish and promote your courses with Coursedate

How to publish and promote your courses with Coursedate

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Course booking software - saving time with Coursedate

Course booking software - saving time with Coursedate

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Tips for creating and publishing courses in Coursedate

Tips for creating and publishing courses in Coursedate

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