Our quick guide to 10 great class booking systems

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Do you run classes and take appointments?

People and organisations that run yoga classes, language tuition or fitness classes in the local park all need to book clients and manage appointments. A class booking system is a great way to streamline the associated admin and at the same time connect with more clients.

The class booking system market is pretty crowded - there are a lot of very similar looking systems.

Class booking systems and course booking systems are similar - there’s definitely overlap. But class booking software tends to be a bit more focused on booking slots or sessions - so filling slots in a calendar.

Here are 10 class booking systems:

1. Appointy


Online appointment and scheduling software. Target market includes fitness, health & wellness, education and professional services. Appointy aims to eliminate unnecessary admin and automate a lot of the routing tasks associated with managing bookings.

Top Features

  1. Website integration
  2. Online payments
  3. Mobile app
  4. Google calendar sync
  5. Staff login on the Professional tier.


4 tiers with either monthly or annual billing. Pricing on the annual plan is:

  1. Free - $0.00
  2. Growth - $19.99/month
  3. Professional - $49.99/month
  4. Enterprise - £$79.99/month

3 Key Points

  • Well established - 130,000+ customers - across different industries
  • Breadth of features - sophisticated appointment management including management of your own team
  • You can export all your data if you decide to leave

2. ClassFit


Scheduling software designed for the wellness and fitness sectors. ClassFit is designed for class instructors. It includes booking through a calendar that can be embedded in your website. Also includes online payments.

Top Features

  1. Customizable calendar integration
  2. Custom branded emails
  3. Business profile page
  4. Built in analytics - see how your business is performing
  5. Auto waitlists when classes are full


Two different pricing plans. Either - 2% on all online transactions (capped at £80.00 a month) or an offline payment plan at £12.00 a month.

3 Key Points

  • Designed for the wellness & fitness industry
  • Relatively new - 2018
  • No iOS/Android apps

3. Bookeo


Scheduling and reservation software. Target market includes fitness classes, education and professional service providers/consultants who need to manage individual and group appointments.

Top Features

  1. Integrated POS system - take tap and swipe payments
  2. Wide range of integrations with payment gateways, calendars, accountings systems etc.
  3. Developer API - developers can extend the platform
  4. Booking confirmations, rescheduling and reminders
  5. 3 different flavours of the software - for appointments, classes and tours/activities


Different tiers - it depends on which flavour of software you are using. For courses and classes:

  1. Standard - $39.95/month
  2. Large - $79.95/month
  3. X-Large - $119.95 /month

Key Points

  • Established product - 43k active users and comprehensive featureset
  • Different versions for appointments, classes & courses, tours and activities
  • Large number of integrations with other systems

4. Setmore


Setmore is another system that is aimed at a range of different sectors including barbers, doctors and personal training. It includes online booking, payments and reminders. It also comes with a free scheduling app.

Top Features

  1. All-in-one calendar & recurring appointments
  2. Customer reviews
  3. Online payments
  4. Integration with Facebook & Instagram
  5. Virtual meetings


3 different tiers with either monthly or annual billing. On the annual billing plan the tiers are:

  1. Free - $0.00
  2. Premium - $5.00 a user/month (up to 2 users)
  3. Pro - $5.00 a user per month (3+ users)

Key Points

  • Low cost appointment booking system
  • Used across different industries
  • Website has a US focus

5. Bookwhen


Bookwhen is an established scheduling and booking system. Features include class booking, course booking, events and activities. It supports tickets and online payments. Classes and events can be one-to-one activities or larger groups.

Top Features

  1. Manage payments through PayPal and Stripe
  2. Customisable booking forms
  3. Auto notifications so you know when bookings happen
  4. Attendance registers
  5. Discount codes


5 tiers with either monthly or annual billing.

  1. Free - £0.00
  2. Lite - £90.00 + VAT/year
  3. Standard - £190 + VAT/year
  4. Plus - £390 + VAT/year
  5. Enterprise - bespoke plans. Contact for pricing.

Key Points

  • Established product with comprehensive features
  • UK based but customers in 140 countries
  • Works across industry types - includes fitness classes and courses/education.

6. BookingLive


Another established system - more than 2000 customers worldwide - that delivers an end-to-end online booking service. It can be extended by integrating with web applications such as Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla.

Top Features

  1. Schedule all types of appointments
  2. Branding can be customised - so it make it consistent with your website
  3. Integration with calendars such as Outlook and Google Calendar
  4. People who book get feedback requests
  5. Customers can manage their bookings through the MyAccount app.


Small business pricing (annual billing) is:

  1. Free - £0.00/month
  2. Grow - £9.99/month
  3. Professional - £29.99/month
  4. Enterprise - price available on request

Key Points

  • Established product, comprehensive featureset
  • Customers include corporates, healthcare and government
  • Integrations with third party systems

7. Omnify


US focused online booking system. Like many of the others, Omnify supports a range of different industries. Over 5000 customers - from small, one person businesses to larger organisations.

Top Features

  1. Personalised service store to showcase your classes/events
  2. Clients can login to their own client portal to manage bookings
  3. Mobile app for managing bookings
  4. Booking forms can be enhanced with your own custom fields
  5. Analytics and reports


Pricing depends on industry - there are different plans for each industry type.

The billed annually tiers are:

  1. Solopreneur - $39.00/month
  2. Starter - $99/month
  3. Plus - $199/month
  4. Pro - $499/month

Key Points

  • iOS and Android app for admins - schedules, bookings, insights
  • Custom forms - add your own fields to booking forms
  • Support for new business - online store, advice on how to increase bookings

8. SimplyBook.me


SimplyBook.me is an online booking system for all service based industries. It includes both a client app and an admin - so you can check your bookings while away from your desktop. Supported industries include beauty, fitness, events & entertainment and medical & health services.

Top Features

  1. Facebook and Instagram integration - people can book from within those applications
  2. Email reminders before events reduce no shows
  3. Waiting lists for when classes and events are fully booked
  4. Custom forms to capture more data during the booking process
  5. Integration with MS Teams and Google Hangouts


The tiers for annual billing are:

  1. Free - £.00/month
  2. Basic - £7.00/month
  3. Standard - £20.08/month
  4. Premium - £45.80/month
  5. Premium Plus - £75.00/month

Key Points

  • Admin app to manage your classes/bookings
  • App for clients - can add your own branding
  • Design your own website widget - with your branding

9. Coacha


Membership management software that includes online booking for individuals and classes. Club members can book onto events and classes. Includes attendance tracking and registers.

Top Features

  1. Management of club members - coach notes, attendance records, parent information
  2. Subscription manmanagement - monthly subscriptions, one off payments
  3. iOS and Android apps that can be used when away from the desktop (out coaching)
  4. SMS and emails
  5. Built in safeguards to enhance security of personal information (child protection)


Three tiers:

  1. Free - £0.00/month
  2. Coacha Premium - £36.00/month
  3. Coacha Custom - £60.0/month

Key Points

  • The odd one out in this list - booking software for sports/membership clubs
  • More niche than the other systems
  • Designed and developed by people who understand coaching and sports club management

10. Baluu


Baluu is another booking system for event or appointment based businesses. It includes integration with your website, online payments and ticketing.

Top Features

  1. Build branded booking pages that integrate with your website
  2. Also includes website builder services
  3. Multiple ticket types and booking options
  4. Auto send reminders to customers
  5. Payment integration with Amex, Apple Pay and Google Pay


4 tiers. The pricing for annual billing is:

  1. Free - £0.00/month
  2. Lite - £11.20/month
  3. Standard - £19.20/month
  4. Growth - £31.20/month

Key Points

  • Emphasis on building a branded booking experience
  • Suitable for solo professionals/creators/entrepreneurs
  • 30 day free trial


Coursedate has many of the features find in a class booking system. And a course in Coursedate can of course be a single short event - a class. But Coursedate comes with extra features that are often required when you advertise courses online and enrol learners - you can create structured course overview pages, manage learners who belong to organisations and enrol more than one learner as part of the same booking.

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