Sell Courses Online

Sell your courses online with Coursedate

You will reach a bigger audience when you promote your courses with Coursedate - it’s been designed from the ground up to maximise the number of people who visit your course catalogue and interact with your course pages.

Coursedate’s features include:

  • Fast course entry so you can build your course catalogue quickly.
  • Built in search engine optimization - individual course pages are optimised for web search.
  • Social media friendly urls and course page metadata - courses look great when shared on social media.
  • ‘Sticky’ course pages - features like ‘Similar courses’ and “These courses are popular right now’ encourage visitors to stay in your course directory until they find a course that matches their requirements.

You can maximise your course sales through Coursedate by:

  • Using direct mail - send out links to your course catalogue to your mailing list.
  • Encourage learners and delegates to share course links on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Run an ad campaign - target particular groups of potential learners with Facebook adverts.
  • Use our widgets to embed your course directory into your existing website.
  • Use Coursedate’s built-in analytics to understand more about visitor preferences - what courses are people looking for when they visit your course catalogue?

Coursedate is a flexible, easy-to-use course booking system that takes the hassle out of publishing courses and keeping your catalogue up-to-date. You end up with more time to spend on marketing and customer engagement.

Want to know more about Coursedate?

An online demo is a quick way to find out how Coursedate can increase your course bookings and streamline your admin.

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