Manage Course Bookings Online

Replace inefficient spreadsheets with modern, easy-to-use course booking software.

Coursedate takes the hassle out of managing your course bookings.

With Coursedate you can:

  • Build and publish engaging course pages online - these are your course ‘product pages’.
  • Take bookings online - learners can browse through your course catalogue and book on a course with just a few clicks.
  • Build an accurate and searchable contacts database of prospects and learners.

It only takes a few minutes to publish a course to your course catalogue. The course management features in Coursedate include:

  • Tagging courses with your own custom categories to make them easier to find when visitors browse your course catalogue.
  • Time saving features like ‘clone a course’ and auto hide a course when it is fully booked.
  • Confugrable notifications - so you know as soon as someone has booked on a course or made an enquiry.
  • A super useful course admin dashboard that shows you how many bookings and enquiries each course has. You click through and see the details - the information you need is at your fingertips.

Coursedate’s intuitive design delivers these benefits:

  • Big savings in your admin time. The admin screens in Coursedate score high on usability - searching for learners, updating learner records and responding to enquiries - these are all easy to do in Coursdate.
  • Sticky course pages. Visitors to your course catalogue can browse through your course pages. Layout is optimised to encourage engagement.
  • Accurate and searchable data about learners and courses. All your data is in one place - it’s a modern, secure cloud database. Your data’s accurate and it’s easier to analyse. That means you can start to get smart about marketing - using the data you collect to find new insights about what your learners are interested in.

You reach more learners with Coursedate.

Want to know more about Coursedate?

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