CRM for Training Providers

Coursedate simplifies customer relationship management

Leverage the data you collect with Coursedate to make make better marketing decisions.

Course management through spreadsheets gets harder as your business grows. You have data spread across multiple spreadsheets - it’s inaccurate, difficult to search and insights are hard to spot.

Coursedate changes that. It’s built from the bottom up to make data driven marketing easier. We give you the tools you need to connect with more learners and build better, longer term relationships.

With Coursedate you get:

  • Accurate, structured data about learners and courses.
  • Data that you can also search and filter - data you can download and then use to drive email marketing campaigns.
  • Historical data that shows trends over time - useful if you want to spot opportunties to create new course offers.
  • Simple data analysis tools - find out what people are looking for when they visit your course directory.

Visitors to your course directory can also make enquiries through Coursedate. That data is also searchable - another way you can find insights about learner preferences.

Coursedate will streamline your admin - you save time. Then you can start to plan ahead. Report on your data, analyse learner behaviours and then use new insights to refine your current course offer, develop more targeted marketing and increase course sales.

Want to know more about Coursedate?

An online demo is a quick way to find out how Coursedate can increase your course bookings and streamline your admin.

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