3 training management systems for small apprenticeship providers

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Finding the best training management system as a small apprenticeship provider can be tricky. There are lots of systems offering the basics – course booking, reporting, sales monitoring etc. When using one of these generic applications, an apprenticeship provider will quickly run into issues with the sheer amount of administrative work required to claim the correct funding, and ensure they are compliant with the EFSA.

Here are a few more specialised training management systems which help apprenticeship providers deal with their day to day administrative tasks.


Maytas is a learner management solution developed by Tribal Group. Alongside the standard course booking and design customization features offered by many learner management solutions, Maytas also streamlines and automates many of the administrative processes undertaken by apprenticeship providers.

  1. Funding batch export module - Allows for the automatic export of funding data to the ESFA, LLWR and CTS. The correct XML file format is generated for merging with XML files from the FIS software provided by the SFA - this saves time and money by removing the need for manual data entry and eradicating funding errors.

  2. Profiling module – The profiling module lets you monitor how well you are performing against your funded contracts by measuring starters, leavers and achievers on your funded programmes.

  3. Online applications module – A bespoke web-based applications portal which integrates seamlessly with your website. Learners can register onto a course, programme or apprenticeship directly from your website and this data is captured automatically.

  4. Awarding body interface module – Export data from Maytas directly to your preferred awarding organisation. Again removing the need for manual data entry; reducing risk, increasing accuracy and saving you time and money.

Maytas has a dedicated implementation team - you only go live when you’re ready. There is also a dedicated Maytas support team working 9-5 Monday-Friday. Pricing is scaled so you won’t be paying for more than you’re using.


PICS for skills is another learning management system. It provides all the features you would need in a single system allowing for simple and efficient delivery of your apprenticeships

  1. Employer engagement & recruitment – The employer engagement and recruitment features streamline the onboarding of new business for your organisation, including online lead capture, opportunity tracking and digital contracting. Application management allows for a rapid response to prospective learners, from enquiry to their signing-up. Online application forms and vacancy matching is provided and the service also fully integrates with the governments Recruit an Apprenticeship and Learner Records services.

  2. Paperless onboarding – The form capture application minimises administrative costs, saves time and ensures maximum compliance. The service supports a wide range of forms; apprenticeship agreements and commitment statements, health and safety documentation, change of circumstance forms and more, simplifying the transition to a paperless system.

  3. ePortfolio & Delivery – PICS for skills includes its own ePortfolio, allowing for all your data to be kept in one system. It also tracks knowledge, skills and behaviours of Apprentices against Apprenticeship standards, with graphical reporting making it easy to highlight areas or your delivery that require attention. For organisations already set-up with other ePortfolio systems, such as OneFile or SmartAssessor, PICS comes with a 3rd party ePortfolio interface allowing for easy incorporation of PICS’ administrative services alongside these systems

  4. ILR, funding & compliance – PICS has the most robust Individualised Learner Record (ILR) focussed management information system (MIS) on the market, providing a range of features to ensure simplicity and help monitor compliance. An in-built funding calculator projects funding for all ESFA programmes and reporting features ensure maximum claims.

PICS provides a conversion team who transfer your data from ILR and other sources into a structure that suits you and a dedicated in-house support team to assist you as you use PICS.


Bud is another training management system with a range of features to simplify administration for apprenticeship providers. Bud makes a big point about automatic data collection and collation, with mobile apps for learners allowing them to work anywhere and collecting data on their progress in real time.

Below are a few of the useful features:

  1. Enrolment – Bud’s digital enrolment system automatically captures all the necessary data to ensure all your learners are eligible for funding before they start their training. Remote or face to face ID checking as well as digital signatures from learner, employer and trainer ensure that the correct evidence is captured and stored securely.

  2. Compliance – Bud automatically generates the Individualised Learner Record during the learner enrolment process, and the ILR is automatically updated as the learner progresses through the course, ensuring the evidence you provide matches the funding you claim from the ESFA.

  3. Evidence– Every interaction throughout a learner's training course is collected – communications between learners and tutors, events, feedback etc. - for general funding purposes and extra funding for any learners who may require additional learning support. The real time updating means at the end of the course, all the evidence for the R14 hard close is already collated for you, allowing you to focus on the next wave of enrolments.

Bud’s website contains an ROI calculator, allowing you to see how much they estimate you save by using their software before you decide to book a software demo.


These apprenticeship focused training management systems have great features that streamline and simplify the administrative processes necessary to take on and train apprentices. They may cost more than some of the more general training management systems, but the simplification and automation of generating complex funding and compliance documents will save an apprenticeship provider time and money in the long run. For a small apprenticeship provider, it is certainly worth looking into a specialised system like these.

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