Use Facebook Ads to Increase Course Bookings - 5 Easy Steps

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Why not advertise your courses on Facebook?

You can use Facebook Ads to target particular groups of Facebook users that you think could be a good match for your courses. Ads on Facebook are not free, but you can set a modest daily budget, experiment with different ads for different sub-groups of Facebook users and track progress against goals.

Facebook provides lots of great support materials for businesses that want to use the platform to reach new customers. The resources are good, but it can be difficult to know where to start if you're a small training or course provider and a Facebook for Business novice.

  1. The first place to go is the Facebook for Business Get Started guide for Ads. Spend a bit of time reading it. It's a good overview with links to clear instructions on how to create an audience, build an ad and run a campaign. Facebook for Business Ad Overview

  2. Segment your market. Break your audience down into subgroups. For example, a language school might decide to target older, retired people who are interested in foreign travel. Facebook gives you that level of control when you select the audience for your ad. Facebook for Business - Help your ads find the people who will love your business

  3. Create your ad on Facebook. Start with one of the Facebook ad templates. A Facebook photo ad is quick to create and might be the simplest way to advertise one of your courses. Link the ad to your course overview page.

  4. Set a daily budget. What is a reasonable daily budget? You could start with £10 a day and run your ads for a month. And don't forget, a successful ad campaign will pay for itself through more course bookings. Facebook for Business And Pricing Overview

  5. Run and track your campaign. Use Ads Manager to monitor the performance of your campaign. You can compare the performance of two versions of the same ad and then if necessary edit an ad. Facebook for Business - Ads Manager Overview

The Facebook for Business world may seem complicated at first, but Facebook ads are powerful and you can start slowly and build expertise over time. Think about the kinds of people who might be interested in your courses, many of them may already use Facebook. Building and running targeted ad campaigns - and you can start with a small budget - could be a great way to reach future learners.

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